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Bittersweet Requiem

Huile sur toile 16 X 16 X 0,75 po /
Oil on canvas 16 X 16 X 0,75 in

Dans un petit village lointain, la légende raconte qu'un chien qui avait jadis été le fidèle compagnon d'un sombre sorcier avait été immortalisé sur une toile pour honorer sa mémoire.
Cependant, ce qui demeurait dissimulé, c'est que cette œuvre avait été conçue avec des pigments et une huile maudite.

In a distant little village, the legend tells of a dog that had once been the faithful companion of a dark sorcerer, immortalized on canvas to honor his memory.
However, what remained concealed was that this artwork had been crafted with cursed pigments and oil.
With the approach of Halloween night, the dog would come back to life, wandering in the realm of the living.
Terrifying tales of encounters with this creature spread among the villagers.
Some spoke of its quest for redemption, while others claimed it watched over innocent souls, protecting them from malevolent spirits.

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